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About Our Organization

Our Location

We are located on the central coast of California along the beautiful Foxen Canyon Wine Trail. Our dogs are raised on our commercial cattle ranch that has been in our family since it was granted by Mexico in 1837 to Benjamin Foxen and his wife Eduarda.

Our History

I began showing Boxers in 2000 and soon was drawn to the French Bulldog. In 2011 my handler, Shane Hooper of HandlinK9s.com , called me with the news that a nice brindle puppy from Lenard Clayton was available. I was not actively looking at the time but of course when I saw her, she became mine! LBC’s Foxens French Connection,( link ingrus) aka “Jolie”, finished her championship with very limited showing. She is the foundation of my program and carries the oldest and most respected foundation lines in French Bulldogs history.

About French Bulldogs

General History

The French Bulldog is a small Bulldog with bat ears that was developed from the larger Bulldogs in the 1800’s. Their weight should not exceed 28 pounds. The standard accepted colors of the French Bulldog are brindle, fawn, cream, and pied, which is a dog with white base coat and patches of one of the other colors. Colors that are not accepted and do not naturally occur in French Bulldogs, with the exception of blue, although Blue is not accepted, are black and tan, merle, lilac, lilac fawn, blue fawn, blue brindle, chocolate, chocolate fawn, chocolate and tan, pure black, or any other variation of these colors. Because these colors do not naturally occur in the French Bulldog linage, they must be created through crossbreeding at some point. New colors are continuing to be created and marketed as “rare”. These colors constitute a disqualification. You may go to frenchbulldogclub.org for more information.


It is important that your French Bulldog breeder health test their dogs before breeding them. The French Bulldog Club of America has guidelines for health testing. Dogs are tested physically by a veterinarian by exam and xray for heart defects, patellas, hips, eyes. They are DNA tested for Juvenile Heredity Cataracts, and Cysturina. They receive certificates of health for each test passed which is issued by the Orthopedic Foundation of America. These certificates should be available for you to see either by the breeder or posted on the OFA site.

Standard Characteristics

Todays Frenchies are of heavy bone. They are compact yet muscular, broad chested and narrower in the hips. Their coat is short and should be of standard color. They are a flat faced breed with an upturned underjaw. Their head is broad and square and their expression is soft and of interest and curiosity. They love children, toys, people, treats and fun! They can be stubborn but are sensitive and want to please their owner, most of the time. They are companion dogs. They want to be with their people. Sitting on a lap is their favorite pastime. They do not require a lot of exercise. French Bulldogs are extremely sensitive to heat. They must also be protected from the cold. They are an indoor dog. Refer to frenchbulldogclub.org for more information.

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We are located in the Central Coast of California