About Us

We are located on the central coast of California along the beautiful Foxen Canyon Wine Trail. Our dogs are raised on our commercial cattle ranch that has been in our family since it was granted by Mexico in 1837 to Benjamin Foxen and his wife Eduarda.

I began showing Boxers in 2000 and soon was drawn to the French Bulldog. In 2011 my handler, Shane Hooper of HandlinK9s.com , called me with the news that a nice brindle puppy from Lenard Clayton was available. I was not actively looking at the time but of course when I saw her, she became mine! LBC’s Foxens French Connection,( link ingrus) aka “Jolie”, finished her championship with very limited showing. She is the foundation of my program and carries the oldest and most respected foundation lines in French Bulldogs history.

As a teacher for many years of Animal Science and currently of junior high students, my time showing my dogs is limited to mostly summer months. My dogs are raised in my home and are members of our family first and foremost. They are healthy, happy, fun loving little dogs with outstanding temperaments and intelligence. They are bred to conform to the breed standard as outlined by the American Kennel Club and the French Bulldog Club of America. Visit akc.org/dog-breeds/french-bulldog and http://frenchbulldogclub.org/breedstandard/ for more information. There are no “fad” or “rare” colors in their genetics.